International Coalition Of Clergies (ICOC)

A body of ordained ministers of God DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP FORM

International Coalition of Clergies (ICOC)

A body of ordained ministers of God DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP FORM

Welcome To International Coalition of Clergies

His Royal Eminence, Archbishop Prof. Paul O. Nwomonoh JP. Is a Prophet, Teacher and he’s an insightful, Apostolic and Prophetic Speaker who has spoken internationally in churches, conferences and seminars. Bishop Dr. Paul O. Nwomonoh JP. Has over (2)two decade been involved in the practice and promotion of law enforcement, promotion of peace and security through the Nigeria Army. He has been to Liberia, Ethiopia and Sudan for the Nigeria Army.

He facilitates Praise Bible Institute, ICOC University/ICOF Colleges, Seminary and Universities, Praise Orphanage and World Harvest Bible College affiliated under Pastor Rod Parsley were Agents from various professions and background meet. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Masters in Criminology. He holds a Master’s of Divinity Doctorate of Christian Religious Education & Professor of Christian Education.
He is the Presiding Metropolitan Archbishop of Praise Assembly Int’l Church Inc. Vision Statement: Preaching Christ in power through divine impartation, Restoration and Praise. ...

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  • Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th March, 2021 ,
    Lagos, Nigeria


    Last year October, preachers, delegates and ambassadors worldwide gathered in Lagos for the annual conference which lasted for a week. In his...

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  • Wednesday 20th - Thursday 21st July, 2022,
    Delta State, Nigeria


    “We are determined to move forward and there is no turning back” he said, pointing out, “the Delta World Convocation demonstrated our determination to rally behind each other and...

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Prof. Amb. Queen Christopher
“ICOC is a great organisation that gives opportunity to others to grow. They are not discriminatory nor proud. Everyone celebrates the grace in others. Giving each other the attitude of ""better than me "....

Evangelist Virtue O. Eze
“With my observation, I strongly maintain that ICOC is a Christian organization that is putting all her indispensable endeavour to bring unity among the believers. It's an organization of prayers....

His Royal lordship, Bishop Dr. Ubong s. Jackson jp. International Financial Secretary, ICOC Global
“ICOC is an umbrella organisation which shelter both men and women with love. The uniqueness of her objective and execution of aims to actualize the goal become our priority. ...

His Excellency Lordship, Hon. Bishop Dr. Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu
“International Coalition of Clergies, ICOC Global to the glory of God Almighty is an NGO which by all standards brings together Men and Women of God with like minds focus on heaven at last. Many at times, Clergies go astray when there is no shepherd to put them back on track or restore them back to the folds where they make mistakes...

Professor Yvonne B Bentley, Ph.D.
“I have been apart of the ICOC from conception during the Corvid 19 Pandemic 😷, he as now Archbishop Paul O. Nwomonoh JP. were the few who continued to gather the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry! This organisation has been an inspiration to many of the members and has brought many leaders together with this great man of God....

Archbishop Designate Dr. David Quarterly Quartey
INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF CLERGY (ICOC) is a network of Ministers of The Gospel of our dear LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, working together for the successful propagation of Gospel. It is a network where brotherly love is demonstrated among the Brethren...

Apostle Kingsley Amos Agbonghae (Apostle of Grace). Prelate of Spain
ICOC is a platform for clergies with an excellent spirit. This amiable organisation is for ministers of God around the world where prayers and leadership programs are done regularly for the growth of its members and the gospel...